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I'm seventeen years old, last period was Dec2nd/06 had unprotected sex dec15th/06 i believe. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests both negative. & few days later had some slight bleeding and just yesterday i had slight brown discharge. Could i be pregnant?
nnneeeeed answers Please :-) thanks. !


Some women do not have any luck w/ home pregnancy tests - although that is somewhat rare - you need to have a blood test from a doctor's office, or a type of clinic? Planned Parenthood maybe? Other questions are: At what age did you start having periods? Are they regular? (i.e. example: every 28 days for 4 days or something like that) Are you under any type of major stress lately? (Besides thinking you may be pregnant) These are just some of many things that could cause a lack of period besides pregnancy. Maybe you did conceive but your body immediately rejected the pregnancy.

THE point is there are so many variables - so you NEED to see a doctor - or a Nurse practitioner.....again check for some type of Planned Parenthood in your area - if you don't want to talk to your parents just yet....get that blood test.
(I was pregnant at age 17 - 3 home tests were negative - I was 5 months when I finally went to the doctor for an 'error-proof' test!

Good luck...and I'm here if you need an ear ;-)