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I wouldn't post if I wasn't completely in need of advice.
I'm 17 years of age, and am currently on no form of birth control.
Towards the beginning of the month I was involved in some sexual activity with my boyfriend; no condom used, stupid mistake. Don't preech to me about not being careful and bringing it upon myself, because I never intended for anything that went on, to go on, and I know that what I did was insanely stupid. Though he never ejaculated into me, there is the possibility of pre-ejaculatory fluid containing sperm. Of course the fact that I was mid cycle and in my most fertil days does me absolutely no justice. Ever since I've been really paranoid about possible pregnancy. I've taken 4 total tests, all being negative, but that still doesn't convince me that I'm not.
Two weeks after this event had happened, I had experienced tenderness in my breasts, and some bleeding on the day my period was scheduled to start [9-21], but there was minimal clotting, and it was only 3 days long followed by one day of brownish discharge. I guess you could say it was irregular for me. During this time, I had also taken an EPT test only for it to turn out negative. It's been almost one month since this happened, and there are still no symptoms of early pregnancy except slight nausea which also very well could be from my nerves, and my mind.

Any advice would help me out.
Monday I'm planning on going to Planned Parenthood to get tested, and to get some form of Birth Control. I would have gone sooner, but I needed to wait until I got paid so I had valid proof of my income [a requirement for the planned parenthood, here].

I've never been more terrified.


RIGHT when your period comes, a pregnancy test would be accurate! The problem with FALSE negatives comes from a woman testing way too early..

SO if you got a negative, then you are most likely not pregnant...

Kudos for going to PP..I work pt for planned parenthood and a local abortion clinic, so I know the importance of "OMG am I pregnant!" We give free pregnancy tests...

NO judgement here! =) You are not a terrible 'dumb' person for doing what you did, you simply had a lapse in judgement, something we have all had at one time or another =)