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MY last period was 10th June and I have a 26 day cycle so I was due to start my period on 6th July however it was delayed so I took a pregnancy test and got faint positives 3 times. Yesterday (11th July) I took a blood test and it came back with 9.95 miu/ml so positive. Today I started cramping and had brown followed by pink followed by heavier bright red bleeding. What is happening? 


Hi Nslnsl,

IF you are pregnant then there is a chance you are miscarrying.  It is more common than most women realize early in pregnancy.  Years ago they wouldn't have yet known they were pregnant so dismissed the symptoms.

Per the American Pregnancy Association less than about 5 mlu/ml is considered not pregnant.  25 mlu/ml is considered pregnant.

Wait a few days and repeat the test.  It should increase rapidly if you are pregnant.

Hope it helps, good luck.