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I've taken so many pregnancy tests since Saturday night. the Clear blue digital and the First response Early one always showed positive... i also took first response gold, some CVS brand ones came back negative. I went to the gyno today, the urine test came back negative... and we did a blood test today so i'll know the results tomorrow. Could i be pregnant? first day of my last period was June 30th or July 1st so it could still be early?


Hi Rhz,

You could be pregnant.  False positives are VERY rare.  Were these "clear" results on your test?  Not faint or "maybe's?" 

The time of day can affect your results as well.  You are much more likely to get a positive result first thing in the morning.  Why?  Because you haven't been drinking fluids so your urine is more concentrated.

Hang in there, good luck tomorrow.  Please let us know.