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I had my third IUI done on the 20th of january. It's been 11 days since.
Yesterday (day 10dpo) I did an early pregnancy test (10 mIU/ML) and there was a faint line. I did another test this morning and the line was still faint, but a little more visable than the day before.

How long does it take for Ovitrelle to leave one's system? Could the positive result be because there is still ovitrelle in my system? I had the shot on 18th of January.

I have been experiencing some early symptoms of pregnancy such as tender nipples, dizziness, fatigue, and for the past few days a weird pulling or twinge in my lower ab.


:D i can tell you that you must be pregnant but be very early the test will go darker over the days the more hcg is in your body the more it will be visable on the test :D