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I had my last period in Feb, around the 19th. I missed my period the next month and took a home pregnancy test. It came back negative. I read that you should take another test a week after the first to ensure your results. I did, and it came back negative. I missed my April period and didn't do much around April 26, around the time of my next missed period, where I took another pregnancy test and it still came back negative.

I haven't had symptoms of pregnancy. I've also recently become a vegetarian and I haven't taken my vitamins in a while, (I'll start back on those again now) and finals are coming up, so I'm stressed.

I'm trying to figure out if I should even bother going to get a blood test done, seeing as 3 urine tests have come back negative, or if i should just explain to mom whats going on and get a blood test to determine whether or not i need to change my diet.

3 months into it, i should be noticing things, shouldn't I? Like weight gain and breast size? Is the blood test going to come back with any more validity than three urine tests? I'm nervous because I've never missed my period and suddenly I haven't had one in three months!

Advice? ):


first are you on any birth control or other medications they can cause your period to come late or stop , my advice go to a free clynic and get a test done there they can give you more answers and no matter how old you are they should keep things private this way you can get your answers without worrying your mother first of course if you think she would be understanding you might feel better with her there with you to figure things out .. hope i helped a little good luck