I somehow injured my left shoulder in December, 2016.  I was in excruciating pain.  Was put on hydromorph contin which really didn't touch the pain.  I had MRI, ultrasound, xrays, bone scan........showed a partial rotator cuff tendon.  Saw 3 different orthopedic surgeons.......one said DO NOT have surgery.....one said to have surgery in 2 months if therapy didn't help........the last one did end up doing the surgery (used Propofol to put me to sleep..........I would definitely NOT recommend this anesthetic..........the burn in your arm is horrid....even though you quickly go to sleep) and found a partial tear of the biceps tendon and performed a tenotomy.

I am now 4 weeks post op and the pain is horrid.  In addition, I now have a rash on the back of my left shoulder which the orthopedic surgeon has no idea of the cause.  Could it be from the Toradol that I was prescribed????

When is a repeat MRI indicated????  I have been in severe pain since December and honestly cannot live like this any longer. Any ideas/help??