I have a near constant dull pain that grows to a severe pain when im active in my left shoulder. The base of the pain is just below my clavical near my spine(i think) in my back. 

The pain can spread when at its worst up my neck to my ear and all across my shoulder with something of a numbing sensation down my arm to my finger tips. Pain is intensified by any task including driving or washing dishes.

I also have occasional pain in the base of my neck, all around my neck and near my front right clavical. All of those occur separately. I also get pain in the front of my right shoulder durig cardio activity.

Ive been to the doctor. Had my left shoulder xrayed and mri (just around my rotator cuff). They found a partial tear there.

I went to the orthopedic doctor today. He said that tear is insignificant and got an xray of my neck down to T1 which came out normal.

He found no reason for further testig and left it at that. I start physical therapy in a couple days. I feel there is more to find as the main area of pain has not been imaged at all