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Sounds like I am going through something not so uncommon from the rest of you on this board Wish the rest of you would have written back after your initial post to tell us of the outcome. I just turned 48 in May. No kids, never married. I had unprotected sex (stupid I know) with my boyfriend around June 5th. Seems like it would have been too early in the cycle to risk pregnancy. I have had regular periods always until now. I was due June 30th and it's now July 19. I'm very nervous. No husband and just got laid off from my job. I feel crampy and full in the abdomen and a bit naseaus today. I've taken home pregancy tests for the last two weeks and all negative but I feel something in my abdomen. Still no period - almost 3 weeks late. I'm not sure if I've been going through perimenopause. I have had some night sweats over the last few months as well as some dizziness - but menopause seems to run much later in my family. I have an appt with my doctor in 2 days. I'm very nervous. I know the risk of birth defects goes to 1 in 10 after age 45...and don't feel in a position to have a child without a job, however it would be my last chance if I am pregant. It's a scary position to be in at this age and situation when it should be a joyous situation. I also have read stories however of woman not testing positive until almost 2nd trimester.... Thanks for any support and prayers and best wishes to you all.


When i began my decent into menopause, it was a gradual one. My periods just didn't stop, it took about a year for that. They just became irratic. Sometimes a full one, right on time or a scanty one either before it's due date or days after. I would also get them smack in the middle of my cycle. The sweats were ridiculous.
Now is the time to see your doctor. Your right when you say birth defects can affect your baby now due to your age. But there are a few tests that can determine if there are any complications in utero. Because of your age, the tests are imparative.
Fluid can be drawn from the placenta to check for chromossome damage, they can also see if there is any mental retardation.

Women have babies well into their 40's now. I saw a documentary where a women had a happy healthy baby at 52.
Now is your chance to have a family. It is scary for sure and even young women are frightened when they are pregnant.
So...see your doctor. He will do a pregnancy test. If your not pregnant, you just may be starting the dreaded meno, he can give you medication to help you handle it better if you want.
If you are pregnant, you can start to concentrate on bringing a healthy baby into your world. You will undergo plenty of tests, so be prepared for that. But it's not to bad and remember it's done for the health of both you and your baby.
Jobs may have been lost for you and this couldn't come at a worse time, but i think you may have been given a last chance here.
You and your husband will find a way and you will be happy. When that little one is laid into your arms fresh out of the oven, you will know no other joy, ever.
So good luck and keep us posted.