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Hello My son is 10 weeks old and has diarrhea that is green and what looks to be white spots/seeds in his stool. I went to mant Dr. and they all tell me that this will pass and its a stomic flu. This was three Drs that told me this. 2 at childrens hospital and 1 from a small Clinic. The only thing that me and my wife could think to do was to take him to Mexico. I know what your thinking, but this is a family Doc. So we took him to a Family member of my wife (shes mexican, I'm White). He took a listen to his stomic (something that the other Docs DID NOT DO) and he right away said "Hes full of gas!" After further checking him out he said that he was also Extremly dehidrated. and if we had not givin him Pidialight he would have died within 48 houres. He gave us meds that did seem to help but he still has Diarrhea and its green and theres green things in it. Im tired of taking him to the Drs offices and have them telling me the same lies. Does anyone know what this could be??? and How to get rid of it? My son cries as hes going in his diper. Any info will be of Huge help



Hi - There is a very good chance your child is allergic to milk. Is he breast or bottle-fed? My first daughter was unable to breast feed and had to be bottle-fed; she had similar symptoms to your son; when we put her on soy formula it went away completely. Even if your baby is breast-fed, if your wife drinks milk or eats food made with milk they are passing through.