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SO today is wednesday night/thursday morning (2am),

I had my hemmorrhoidectomy on saturday morning(so that's 4.5 days ago) and my doctor also removed a skin tag, and i've been on duphalac, ultracet and periet(painkiller).

i did try eating 3 meals a day initially, but i haven't had ANY bowel movement so i'm basically TIRED of constantly eating and i feel BLOATED AND FULL all the time! my doctor told me to have a low-fibre diet, i tried that for a few days but by tuesday night i had a plate of veggies and still NOTHING. i've now gone down to my usual 2 meals a day, i still feel bloated and full. :(

all i seem to do is pass ALOT of gas, even when i think i have the urge it turns out to just be gas! it hurts ALOT to even pass gas so i sit in sizts baths but all i do again is pass gas!

i went to see my doctor today and he told me to go back to my normal eating habits. i was so fed up i went to buy ice cream(I'm lactose intolerant) and all i did was pass gas again!!

any idea why i can't seem to have bowel movement?


Hi, had a Hemorrhoidectomy on 2/25/13 and had the same problem.On Thursday afternoon around 3ish took one dose of Milk of Magnesium and  was awoken around 3am having to have a BM.