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hey i am in sexual acitvity and i did a sex like 2 3 weeks before without any protection ...i want to know that if i go to the doctor for my blood test does its shows any pregnancy...??? and i did my first sex when i was in periods ??? can u plz tell me if i want to do pregnancy test at home can i do that just to make sure does it shows any result ???? i m so worried...


Hi guest,

Having sex during your period may be a bit early for pregnancy.  MAY.  It depends upon when you ovulate.

Both a blood test and a home test can show you're pregnant but neither will work immediately.

In some cases, the home test may actually be more sensitive than the blood test.

Wait until you're period is due before you test.  By then the hormone that the tests look for, HCG, should be at a high enough level to detect.

False negatives are common testing early.  False positives are rare.

Good luck.