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ok so for the last 5 months i had been smoking pretty much every day, usually about an 1/8 every week or so. before that my usage was minimal maybe once a week, usually less.

the last day i smoked was probably april 25th or sometime near that date.
originally i stopped because of dealer issues, but after what i have been experiencing i dont ever plan on smoking again

i am now having extreme insomnia, i just lay in bed at night, nothing seems to put me to sleep. i have tried otc sleeping pills, deep sleep hypnosis, boring tv show, infomercials, reading text books... nothing can seem to put me to sleep.
last night i took a sleeping pill around 11pm did not sleep the whole night finally got maybe an hour of sleep around noon.

took another sleeping pill tonight expecting to fall asleep quick considering how tired i was. well that didnt work. i feel so awfully dead tired, but just cant seem to sleep, this really sucks.

of course this week is final exam week, what a week for this to happen huh.

friday i have an appointment with my doctor so hopefully he can prescribe me something to help me sleep till i get through this as i start a 3 week 5 hr a day 5 day a week summer class next week :/

anyone else with a similar usage length have insomnia as severe as this?


I've never been a smoker, but I'd like to try and help. Have you tried the patch or some other method of assistance. Cold turkey is difficult and it doesn't seem to be the best plan for you. The last thing you want to do is swap one addiction for another. You don't want to become dependent on the sleeping pills. Things like the patch will wean you off of the nicotine addiction. That may be more manageable for you. Talk to your doctor about alternatives other than the sleeping pills before you take that route. That's my suggestion.....Let us know...There are many people who are going thru the same thing as you. I know you can do it !