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Could someone please help???

Tonight when putting my son to bed, he was scratching his private part and said it itched. I asked him to show me where (because to me, it isn't normal for a 5 year old to have his private itch). When I looked, he had a cluster of teeny tiny white bumps.





What could it be??? I'm not expecting a diagnosis, just some possibilities. 


He gave his self a shower earlier and I know he washed off using my bar of soap (it's African Black Soap) Couid it be a reaction to that? He's used it before but, I've always been with him to help get him rinced off. So, maybe he didn't rince well and the soap sitting on his skin could capes the white itchy bumps? 

Anther possibility I'm more concerned of is, could I have passed something to him? I haven't had a cold sore lately...but him and I have shared drinks (not when I had a cold sore)...could I have hsv1 and passed it to him by sharing a drink and now he's breaking out? His bumps don't look like cold sores though. They are teeny tiny; the size of a pin prick, and white in color.

Or, he used the restroom of a family who's children go to our church (and the house isn't the cleanest) Is it possible he could have touched something dirty before using the restroom and this is some sort of reaction? 


I've been researching all night and am not finding much on the internet. Could someone please help out at all??




you may need to be washing his penis for him until this itch goes..  that way you know he is clean there..  he may get an erection but that is normal..