I have had athletes foot for over a month and a half now(I did go see a doctor, I live on a college campus. Our heath center is...not that good. they gave me some herbal stuff that someone that worked there made.) and it wont go away. Anyways, my real issue is that shortly after I got athletes foot, say 2 weeks. i started getting a rash and small white bumps all over my hands and fingers. I quickly assumed this was athletes foot as well. I applied anti-fungal cream to it frequently. the rash went away. last night i was too tired and did not apply my cream, and these little bumps broke out this morning. I started thinking, I started washing my hands for 30 seconds with a lot of soap after i got athletes foot, maybe this is an allergic reaction, and somehow the anti-fungal is just minimizing the reaction? The bumps look like small (very small, have to be in the right light) white spots, with a black spec in the middle. sometimes they itch, and sometimes they dont. It seriously sucks, and having a girlfriend right now, i really do not want to give her anything if it is a fungal infection. *side note, I wil be seeing a REAL doctor as soon as i can make it home next, finals next week so I cant go yet :-(