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Hello ,
I had bunion surgery on Sept 29th .
Bandages came off 2 weeks ago .
I started back to swimming doing weights & walking short distances ( with difficulty )half a mile or so .
In the last 2 days I noticed a clicking noise in my foot & it seems to not go away ..
Really worries me

Please let me know if anyone hd similar expeience ,
Cheers Ilana


Hello! Fewer than 10 percent of patients experience complications from bunion surgery. Possible complications can include infection, recurrence of the bunion, nerve damage, and continued pain.
If complications occur, they are treatable but may affect the extent of your full recovery. Your orthopedic surgeon will explain various options in treating these complications. The success of your surgery will depend in large part on how well you follow your orthopedic surgeon's instructions at home during the first few weeks after surgery. You will see your surgeon regularly for the next several months to make sure your foot heals properly. Though uncommon, complications can occur following bunion surgery. Contact your orthopedic surgeon if: your dressing loosens, comes off or gets wet; your dressing is moistened with blood or drainage; you develop side effects from postoperative medications; also, call your orthopedic surgeon immediately if you notice any of the following warning signs of infection: fever, chills, persistent warmth or redness around the dressing, increased or persistent pain, significant swelling in the calf above the treated foot. I hope this will help you.


Thank you for feedback .


Hi Ilana,

I had a bunion surgery Sep 10th.

Do you think that, maybe, you're trying not to put too much pressure on the bunion side and it changes the normal foot mechanics (hence the noise)? That'd be my first guess. Is it painful to walk?


Sweetlana ,
Thanks !
There probably is some truth to what you are suggesting .
I have also noticed that the outside of my foot bothers me more than it used to be .
Initially I had asked surgeon to do my bunionette but he decided against it .

Anyway I noticed the clicking seems to go away .. thankfully.. & come back when I have used the foot a lot .

What kind of surgery have you had & how are you doing ?

Many thanks for your feedback :-)


Hi there :-)
I actually wrote the whole thread here about my experience :-) I'm doing good, still waiting for the bone to heal completely, no pain, back to normal. I'm still not allowed to run (bone healing) but other than that, I'm perfectly well...
Wish you the best in your recovery!