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When my son was 6, he was diagnosed with bladder spasms caused by constipation which gradually resolved. Now, at 13, for the last few days he has been complaining of urinary urgency even though he has had bowel movements several times today and over the past few days. I still think he is constipated, but he does have a little burning at the tip of the penis. We gave him a stool softener tonight, which he has taken in the past but not very recently.

Is there another cause for this in an otherwise healthy, vigorous 13-year-old boy?


6yr old suffering from bladder spasms for several years and has had constipation problems for years. Has never recovered from acid reflux so on medication. Found a mild tethered spinal cordand and had that surgery thinking it might help months ago. No help. Can't empty his bladder and seems to be worsening. Our concern is urine backing up into the kidneys. Need to know where to go and what to do to correct or help this child. They are suggesting several procedures to be done, but we need second opinion. Don't know if just searching for answers or if he really needs this to be done.