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Im 17 weeks, got an ultrasound a week ago she said everything looked ok. Ive been having sever cramping (which she said was normal, uterus or stomach stretching) and am now getting headaches everyday along with being really hot. Is this normal and does it get better? Thanks


Please do research

I do not mean to scare you, but I just wanted you to know that I had something similar happen to me around 23 weeks. I had been cramping off and on and I was have mild head aches. They thought it was my blood pressure, but it wasn't so they said i might just be experiencing braxton hicks contractions. I even had them hook me up to a monitor to see if they were contractions and nothing. I figured the head ache was from my morning sickness. Until one day it seemed a little worse and I was getting worried and looked up the signs of premature labor. I had all of them at the time, but they said I was just stressing over nothing. That night I went to go see Ghost Rider in the theater and 10 minutes into the moving I had horrible back pain so I went to the bathroom because I thought I had to pee. I was just about to start pushing when I got a sharper pain and remembered what I had just been looking up. Indeed I was in premature labor and they emergency room doctor did not believe me because the cramping was in my back. I do not think that is your problem and I just putting this our their let you be aware. I was probably in labor that whole week, but the contractions were small that they seemed like nothing.