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I have currently been using a power wheel chair for about 1 year. I have gained some weight around the abdomen. I no longer wear underpants, just a towel over my lap. The skin has become moist in the folds between my abdomen and thighs reaching all the way down to my private parts. 2 weeks ago it became painful.

After a shower, and scrubbing the area heartily I looked down there and was shocked to see the skin was bright pink. I put the only thing I had,
Vitamin A&D cream, all over the area. It greatly relieved the soreness, (but the smell was awful).

A few days ago, after another shower, I looked down there again with a mirror and was shocked to see all kinds of little plaques growing all over the inner thigh and vulva area! The diagnosis of genital warts popped into my mind, and an internet search (with pictures) confirmed it.

I have been married for 45 years, and neither of us has ever strayed. How can this be????


I seriously doubt that what you are seeing are genital warts. It could be that due to your being immobile, to a point, and restrained to a wheelchair, the skin on and around your private areas becomes moist and collects sweat and dirt. (not saying you are dirty) But this area is having a hard time breathing, so to speak. Genital warts do not appear on ones inner thighs, as they are confined basically to the genitals. I suggest keeping this area free from restraint at certain times thru out the day, lay down and allow a fan to blow on you, keep yourself clean and most importantly, dry. You can even periodically swipe the area with a baby wipe or two. Avoid powder, as this clogs the skin and contains fragrance, which could be an irritant to already sensitive areas. This is not uncommon for someone of your your description. It is the same thing with large busted women who become less active or are confined in some way. Lifting the breast shows excoriation underneath, which is a sticky, scabby and unpleasant thing. This can be accompanied by a foul odor. Just keep yourself squeaky clean down there and i suppose A and D is fine to use for now. You may want to check with your family doctor who may suggest another kind of prescription salve.