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I had a miscarriage this time last year . I feel its time to try again.

One question keeps playing on my mind will my chances of becoming pregnant again be lower and wil there be a higher risk of having another miscarriage?

Hope someone could give me an answer :-)


A miscarraige just "happens" No one really knows why, it just does. I mean one that just happens out of no where, with no underlying cause such as a health issue, drugs, accident, fall...etc.
If you are healthy and the Doctor has given no explanation for the miscarraige, then try again.
In normal situations, when one miscarraige occurs, usually the first pregnancy, any pregnancies from there will be smooth.
But there are cases where a women just can't carry a baby. I have known people who have had one miscarraige after another. I don't mean to make you scared, but it does happen.
Check with your Doctor just to make sure that all systems are go.
Good luck to you, i hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.


After a miscarriage you stay more fertile for up to 6 weeks. Even you try f-after two weeks of your miscarriage chances inceases og getting pregnant. So nothing to worry about. Soon you will be pregnant.