hello, everyone, I am 9 months pregnant and I feel guilty because I didn't find out that i was pregnant until i was 23weeks pregnant. Before that i was smoking weed everyday and cigaretts. I still smoked weed after i found out i was pregnant because of all the stress that was going on in my life and the situation that i was in. I stopped smoking weed finially at around 8 months. My O.B. is putting me on a guilt trip and admited he was for me to stop smoking cigs. I tried to quit cold turkey but i was more stressed and with about one month to go i don't want to put any stress on my baby, i have had alot of tests done and he is healthy, with a him being a bit smaller than a normal baby. I know for a fact that hospitals test the baby's poop and i know he will test for THC and i am ashamed so peeps don't tell me something that i already know. tell me something that i don't. I figured that since i smoked more than about half the pregnancy that he would test positive for thc anyways cause it takes the placenta 6 months to clean out. I smartened up and wanted myself to be clean of the weed, which it only takes around a month to do so that way the hospital will let me take my son home with me. chances are they will call CPS on me but i have decided that i don't wanna smoke weed no more becase of my son is more important to me than life itself. the weed was hard for me to quit but now that i think of it it was easier than cigaretts. I did do some research about smoking weed during pregnancy, from what i read, there isn't no study that states its harms the fetus. but then again there hasn't been much study here in the U.S. a doctor that did tests in other contries said she has been doing research for 20 years and hasn't found any bad effects on the fetus.. I hope this helps to answer any questions.. thanks for listening.