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I have this dull/gastric feeling in my upper middle abdomen with tightness and some pain on the upper right abdomen which radiates to my back.

I also burped a lot after drinking or eating. Appetite has been bad.

Doctor has sent me for an ivu, ultrasound, blood, urine and stool test. All came back normal except he found occult blood in my stool. Subsequently he sent me for a colonoscopy but it came back normal.

I don't know what is causing this pain and its absolutely irritating. Could it be a stomach problem? Should I request an endoscopy instead although the doctor is more concerned about my gallbladder/liver/kidney?


It could be a parasite. Parasites don't come up in many medical tests. You could go to a health food store and buy a parasite cleanse (I'd also try a colon cleanse and a kidney/bladder cleanse--many come in twos for those) and see how you feel.

If you still feel bad, I'd go to a homeopath or naturopath. When doctors haven't seemed to work, I've gone to them and have had great success getting treated.


The symptoms are getting worse by the day.
I started to feel nausea and appetite has been really bad.
I will need to spit after drinking water, otherwise the nausea feeling starts building up really fast.
I never vomit though.

Upper abdominal also feels like its going to cramp.