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Over the last five weeks Ihave been in and out of the doctors due to the following symptoms:

drinking more
urinating more
lower stomach pains (feel unbearable when sat down/stood up)
muscle pain
joint ache

At first the doctors thought it was gastrointeritus then they thought pregnancy then, liver or kidney infection or diabeties all the urine and blood tests I took for these came back negative and now they want to do more tests on me :cry:
please could you help I dont know what else I can do other than take paracetamol! Is there anything you can think of?

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


LIVER TOXICITY i.e. LIVER DISEASE...The ONLY way to know for sure is a liver biopsy. This can affect your brain and cause swelling (headaches and nausea/vomiting), blurry vision, insulin resistance (thirstly all the time, like Type II diabetes) and all kinds of things.

What happens is that your liver gets back logged and all the toxins it is supposed to cleanse (along with the kidneys) is going back up through your system and can go to the brain. This is serious! But unfortunately taking the regular "Liver Enzyme) test is not going to tell you ANYTHING. The only way to test your liver is to first get a CT scan of your abdomen and/or an MRI of your head. If nothing I would demand a liver biopsy.

Try to to a liver cleanse. Go to a professional Naturopath if at all possible so they can oversee this. If you are really is your liver. This means you can't: smoke, drink, have caffeine, gluten, sugar or ANY processed foods. Try it for a week at least (even if it is hard) and see if there is a difference.

The main term is HEPATIC TOXICITY. I had been a Flight Attendant for 15 years and have been exposed to multiple toxins, cosmic radiation and most of all PESTICIDES that are deadly! At first my thyroid was off, then my adrenals...etc. The liver is a part of your endocrine system. Unfortunately I suffered a hospital acquired clostrium difficile infection and almost died but it took everything my liver, kidneys and lymphatic system had to keep me alive, but my liver was destroyed. I was doing lymphatic drainage massage, then IMMEDIATELY following having a colonic (yes, I know it may not sound to pleasing), but if you try it you will help yourself. I PROMISE YOU! If you feel better or even SICK from it, this is called the The Herxheimer Effect Look it up to understand what I mean. IF you are really sick, then you are really toxic.

The news is folks that our "food" that we eat today is NOT really FOOD! Look at the ingredients. If you stay organic with your vegetables, especially eat sweet potatoes and not regular. I would buy those organic for sure, or if you HAVE to have regular potatoes, then make sure those are organic. They have the most pesticides in them.

Look, I am no granola type but I have been through it all and I am most likely dying because of it, so I have so much reason and research that I have done. Sorry, but doctors don't know anything when it comes to this. They onlly want to treat the symptoms with more chemicals i.e. pills. I HAVE to take pain medication for an injury I sustained while working on an aircraft because I ahve no strength to build muscle anymore. My plane dropped about 500 feet while I was picking up trash and so lots of pain from that.

I have done 2 and a half years of research on this. So, if anyone is interested in more I would more than happy to help. It is painful to suffer from liver problems. When your liver is scarred (chirrosis), at that point, it cannot regenerate, but if you can get to it in time you might be able to save yourself with the processes I spoke of above.

To sum up: Eat NOTHING with chemicals in it, not even white flour or white foods, try lymphatic drainage massage followed IMMEDIATELY with a colon hydroptherapy appointment (to save you a lot of the sickness) and acupuncture if you can.

If you try a liver cleanse first to check to see how sick you get, then you will know how sick your liver really is. I really hope that I can help at least one person.

Good Luck,


P. S. It could be in your endocrine system entirely. The only way to know, it to really go in and biopsy but a CT scan of your abdomen would be my first choice in testing.