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I decided to stop drinking 2 weeks ago after noticing pain on the upper left side of abdomen, along with back pain and light nausea that lasted around 3-4 days.  Pain was never sharp just a 2-3 / 10.  It lasted a few days and came back every other day however less and less noticeable.  Today I can still feel it a little bit, at moments but it seems to fade away.

I have been drinking quite a bit all my adult life but last few years was around 2 bottles of wine / week on weekends, plus a few nights of more serious consumption every 2 months approx (evenings at pub with friends).

So my question here is : Do we frequently see alcohol-induced CP in people who never experienced symptoms of acute pancreatitis? (I never had acute attacks as folks describe in these pages, and never been hospitalized for alcohol-related issues - However I am worried now).



i never had an attack of any sort before being diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis.  my only symptom was diarrhea.  and i had it for 2 yrs.  i even had a colonoscopy with a note that i had diarrhea for one year and the doctor said nothing.

one year later,  i had side pain that persisted for about two weeks.  they sent me  home once after emergency room visit and one week later was in for 24 hrs and a fast.