This has never happened to me before but I've spent the week pretty much drinking alcohol avert day. Last night I was drinking whiskey and Pepsi max when I started to feel a burning sensation in my upper abdomen. I ignored it and continued to drink but as the night went on, the pain progressed. I was rolling around in my bed crying and couldn't sleep because of it. The pain would wake me up when I did eventually fall asleep. I woke up this morning and have never felt worse. I spent a few hours drinking water and sitting up straight, squeezing my belly. It got better after a while. But, me being bulimic, even when I am in a lot of pain, I binge and purge. Which is what happened. After the purge, the pain was back and worse than before. I couldn't lay down as that made it worse so I spent about 5 hours sat up with my head in my hands, bawling my eyes out and drifting off to sleep every few hours. I also puked and I have 0 appetite. I keep getting hot and cold flushes. Also had a few hours of diarrhoea. Is this worth a trip to the doctors? When will the pain stop!?