I have these side pains and they go from the right side of my lower mid back all the way across my side and into my lower right side abdomen... it hurts to put any pressure (pants sitting down laughing talkin to loud, crying, coughing sneezing...ect)(It even hurts to like push on my stomach on either side it will hurt my right side) My period has been all irregular.. regularly Im a regular flow 3 to 5 days... now im EXTREMELY heavy for 15 days! This last time I started for one day stopped for one day then started again for 12 days, then stopped for 3 days then spotted for 4 days... And to have sex, feels like im in labor... Hurts so bad! I went to the ER in MAY they said it could do with my gallbladder and to watch what I eat, but food never affected me. So I went to a family dr who recommended I get an ultrasound an to check my appendix, did that they couldnt find anything wrong with anything so they assumed I had a kidney infection and they treated it with some antibiotics... Right after the pain came back.. Its not what it used to be but it still hurts and is getting worst by the day... Riding a horse or down a bumpy lane in a vehicle kills me! PLEASE HELP :'(