Hi! Last few years my hungovers have gotten really bad. I feel really awful for 1 full day until the middle of the night, and if I've gotten drunk, I often vomit everything I eat or drink for half a day next day. Today something hit me - I don't pee as much as I drink, when I drink alcohol. Alcohol is supposed to be diuretic, but I pee only after 2-4 0,5l beers (way less than my friends). Last party I drank ~4L of beer, peed only once or twice. The next day I can pee without problems. In normal day I pee as much as I drink - 0,5l water goes in - in 1-2h I pee it out. Depends on the day, but daily I drink ~1,5-3l of water. The question is, is that something common (drink a lot of beer and pee only a little) or what specialist should I see? When I saw my doctor about the hangover issue, she said I should drink less in these times, but I already get drunk so rarely (mostly because I hate vomiting all day, and sometimes I get really bad hangovers from 3-4 beers. Not puking, but all day wasted feeling awful), so I don't want to bother her if it's nothing.