I went for a sexing scan at 18 weeks gestation to which I was told my baby wasnt developing properly due to low amniotic fluid. The sonogropher referred me to my local hospital.
After meeting a specialist, i was informed my baby had severe lower spinal defects, an enlarged heart with a crescent of fluid surrounding it , no kidneys could be found and bowel abnormalities. The specialist told me it was Edwards syndrome but said there was no defects to the brain! and gave me the option of aborting as there was no life expectancy for my baby.
Straight away, mother instinct kicked in and i refused to terminate the pregnancy but, let nature take its course.
I was given another scan yesterday (20 weeks + 2 days). The specialist confused me with his interpretation of the purpose of the scan. He said the main point of it was for to check if my baby had kidneys because if not, there was no hope for it and to expect the worse.
Now i am seriously confused as to whether my baby has any chance of survival or not. Whether the past 2 weeks have been a terrifying, traumatic experience for nothing. Is there any hope?