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Hi, I am 19 years old I have a son that is going to turn 2 years old. I just found out I'm pregnant again. Im not with the father right now but with my parents I'm on my second year of college. And considering an abortion but I'm scared because I'm not a bad person. I don't want to quit school and what if things don't work out with my 2 year olds father. I don't know in just confused I don't want to disappoint my parents for the second time.


I think, from the way you have expressed your posting, you already realise that to abort the baby would be a bad thing. Aborting the baby would terminate its life, and there is no going back. Many girls have regretted aborting, and deeply regret it. One girl said that she should have been to protect her child, and she killed it. She wished she could have it back, but, of course, knew she couldn't.

You have just found out you are pregnant again, but not with the father. Is that the father of your son, of the newly conceived child, or both? What does the father think?

You don't want to disappoint your parents for the second time, but what was the disappointment the first time? Getting pregnant? If so, you have already disappointed them as you are pregnant again. At some time that fact will probably be known to them, and meanwhile you will be deceiving them. Is the disappointment the fact that you are having sex? Again, they will soon know the truth.

If things don't work out with the 2-year-old's father, then what will happen to your son? Will you marry someone else? Then will you tell him about your abortion? Indeed will you tell your son's father about your abortion? A future husband will need to know the possibility that you may thereafter have problems carrying a baby full term. That is in addition to any emotional consequences arising fro the abortion.

If you are unable to support another child, then adoption is one consideration.

Apart from the moral considerations, think of the other consequences as well. Do you have any religious/spiritual convictions?

There are so many issues, and so many questions as yet unanswered, an I understand you are confused. But always do what is right, not what appears convenient in the short term.

Try and talk to someone older whom you can confide in, who will be honest with you but will not will not condemn you, even if they condemn any particular action or activity.

Your parents are caring for you and your son now. Talk why not talk to them. They might be disappointed and maybe hurt - even angry - but they obviously love you, and I think they may well be able to help you. Your personal future and your children's futures are at stake.

If I can help by discussing things further, please ask (privately if necessary). I have only been able to touch on a few things, and realise I am not fully in the picture.

Take care.



Honey, I honestly think you shouldn't abort. Usually it's true that most women who abort do end up regretting it. There is still help available though. Go see your local crisis pregnancy center on advice on what to do with the child. They won't steer you wrong. Also, adoption wouldn't be too bad an idea because then your child will be cared for by a loving family. Trust me, you won't regret it at all and your child will turn out just fine (I know because I know some girls who were adopted)