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I had an abortion when i was 21 years old now that i am 25 i am really to have a baby. My husband and i have been trying now for close to 14 months. Im really concerned because before my abortion my periods were like clockwork, you could set your watch by them. After my abortion my periods were no longer normal. They were every 33 days one month 14 days apart the next, sometimes not at all. sometimes twice in one month. Every doctor that ive spoke with tells me "it will take sometime for your cycle to get back to normal" How long will it actually take??? its been over two years now and my periods are still like this. I have even tried taking birth control pills to help regulate my cycles and nothing seems to help. Which is making it more difficult to concieve because i have no idea when im ovulating, or if i am even ovulating. I have even tried charting my BBT and buying a fertility monitor and Nothing seems to help at all. My husband has even had fertility exams and tests and they are all NORMAL!!! someone Help!!


IF a woman has a period, usuall she is definately ovulating, because this is part of what will eventually trigger a period.

You do need to use a fertility monitor, but you need to use it every single day to learn when you ovulate.

Have you gained weight since the abortion? Smoked?

These things can hamper your fertility.