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Why haven't I bled after my abortion ? I have no clue if this bad and should go to the doctors .. I mean I've had very very very small amount of blood come out and some times I'll have brown ejucation ( if thats what you call it ) come out of me. I need help ?? coments please 


Hi there

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Bleeding after an abortion also varies; some women have no bleeding at all after an abortion (common with small pregnancies), while some may bleed immediately and for 3-4 weeks, and rarely, more.

Intermittent bleeding (bleeding on and off), blood clots, pinkish tissue, and clear or brownish discharge are normal. Bleeding may also be heavier after exercise. Some bleed immediately and for two to three weeks, or have periods of bleeding off and on. Bleeding usually increases three to four days after the abortion due to normal changes. It is normal to pass clots when rising in the morning, when sitting on the toilet, or when doing strenuous activity. It is also normal to have brown, clear or bright red discharge. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, lifting heavy objects, using marijuana or taking medication such as Midol or Aspirin may increase bleeding, and should be avoided.

Good luck