Hi. i had an abortion on august 30th 2009 this year. and after my abortion i bled for 2 weeks wich was normal and i had sex with my boyfriend. i never went bak for the check up. after i and my boyfriend had sex brown stuff was coming out for about 4 days..on and off i would have brown discharge. i wud also bleed off and on after that as well but never for mor then 3 days. i never got my period until i believe it was october 21st. but i was bleeding very heavily for two weeks. this month on november 22 brown discharge came out and then now on dec 1st i am bleeding again and much more heavily..a couple of times using the restroom when i wipe myself i have very big blood clots. very dark red and not normal from my past periods. i dnt know if this is normal or what? i am very worried because i havnt been feeling normal or that im just bleeding way too much. :'(