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I just had an abortion on a set of twins what are my chances of me having twins again


I can't really answer very well but I think it depends on genetics.

Do you knwo which type of twins you were caring? I don't have alot of knowledge on the subject but I believe that one must carry the gene for twinning in order to obtain twins. It might have been your BF who carried that gene or yourself. Who has twins in thier side of the family? Your family? or your BF's family? I believe the twinning gene is recessive. I am not sure if only one parent must carry the gene or if both parents must???

So I guess it depends. If you carry the genes for twins then you may have twins in the future - if you do not carry the gene for twins then you will have single pregnancys in the future - unless the father of the pregnancy(s) is a carrier of the twinning genes. You can also do artificial twinning via IVF or fertility drugs like clomnid.....but you cant do it JUST to obtain twins - you usually have to have a medical condition to get fertility drugs exc.

Hope that makes sence???