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Hi, I have type 2 diabetes and I'm pregnant and somewhat worried. I would have never quested it that I would be having twin. I know it's possible that I pass my diabetes onto my children. Is it possible that both of my babies will have diabetes type 2? Is it possible that neither one will have diabetes type 2? Is it possible that only one of my babies has type2? I was wondering how much of this is genetic versus other things like environment, diet etc. Is there anything I can do while I'm pregnant to change the outcome. Does anyone know anything about this. Have you had twins? Can you tell me about you twins and how they are doing now. Thanks


I'm sure you have probably wondered how you got diabetes in the first place and in your case type 2. And, of course you would naturally be worried that you may pass type 2 onto your children and no doublet this can be very disturbing. Unfortunately, diabetes doesn't appear to have a simple pattern of inheritance, unlike some other diseases. Nevertheless, some individuals are born more likely to develop type 2 later in life than others. First off, let it be known that there is a difference between type 1 and type 2 and their causes. Even so, they share two things in common and that is the condition is inherited providing for predisposition but you need to come in contact with something in the environment that allows it to develop. Quite often type 2 can be avoided with proper diet starting as a child. Keep this in mind when you feed your children. The foods you give them can save their lives down the road.


So, clearly having diabetic genes is not sufficient to get diabetes but certainly a factor. It is known that identical twins have identical genes but when a twin with type 1 has diabetes the other twin gets the disease only about half of the time. On the other hand, when a twin has type 2, the other twin has a probability of getting type 2 at most 3 out of 4 times. So clearly there are other factors involved.