Hi, I am new to these forums and I had a question that I would like answered. I dont really know what part of the forum to put it in so I will ask it here. Anyway, the question is about my leg muscles. When I was younger I played soccer, and still do. When I was younger I was always the fastest person on my team and I could sprint really fast until about the age of 14 or so when that all changed. I still play soccer and play many others sports for fun such as bike riding. My problem now is that my muscles are always really tight. When I go to sprint, often my legs lock and dont move causing me to fall over. I can never seem to spring anymore. I have large leg muscles, especially my calfs and I have had tendinidis in them in the past. I am sure part of my problem is me being inflexible, but nomatter how much I stretch, I still have this problem. I have tried drinking more water, I eat lots of fruits and vegies so I know I get lots of minerals and stuff. Nothing I have tried works to solve my problem. Does anyone have an idea of what to do about my muscles?