Hi all, hope this is in the right place. I'm desperate for advice at this point...

First off, I fully believe what I'm experiencing in my lower right (and a bit outside) shin is a shin splint, though they feel practically fine an hour after running so perhaps I'm wrong?

Quick profile:
- I'm a beginner (5-7 miles/week)
- 5'10
- 200lb
- Fairly active, play soccer 2-3x per week.

Just about every time I'm off for a run, shin splints hit my right leg very early and just get worse and worse. My left feels fantastic though...?

I've tried two pairs of shoes (both suacony - maybe time for a new brand?), the latter with a bit of help from a running store, which have both yielded the same unfortunate results. My feet ARE fairly flat (my right a bit more than my left) so I think I'm probably pronating. I try my best to make sure my form is as good as possible and I'm not overstriding.

If I was experiencing this in both legs, I feel like I could narrow down the cause. But the fact that my left leg can feel fantastic at 1 mile and my right awful at the same time completely confuses me.

I greatly appreciate any input...I really don't want to give up a wonderful and free source of exercise, but I feel like I'm nearly at that point! :(

BTW - I believe my older pair of shoes were an earlier hurricane model, my newer ones the grid omni 6 I believe. Not sure if this helps...