Please respond as soon as possible, rare/weird case and experience, still no answer after a year and a half. Sorry for not using punctuation I used my phone speaker. Please respond I know it's long I'm sorry. 


It all started two summers ago I was doing workouts for my college soccer team I was also working a landscaping job and another job and I would have to sometimes take naps at night and wake up around midnight to go do my workout I was not eating enough or drinking enough and I was probably overworking myself I don't even know if any of this is part of my issue but I also had anxiety about making the soccer team and I also had a tick on me well I was Landscaping. About a month-and-a-half into my workouts and landscaping job I started to have fatigue and I was sick with a small cold during the time it's progressively got worse to the point where I had very heavy legs weak arm and back muscles and couldn't even do my workouts anymore eventually it turned into not only muscle fatigue and weakness but fatigue of my head and my brain and mental fatigue I was so tired I would sleep 10 hours a day and take A3 hour nap this kept getting worse for about 6 months and then slowly started to get better in a zigzag pattern new symptoms have developed along the way I've gotten breathing issues in my chest I have gotten a sore throat that will never go away it only becomes less of a sore throat and then acts up and gets 10 times worse if I try to play soccer and I Sprint once for a decent amount of time I've become extremely fatigued and sometimes I get sick if I Sprint and play too long. it is also weird that my muscle weakness  can get worse  if I am a passenger in a car and I start to feel sick  I have gotten car sick but not like that before  and this is even just in the start of the drive.  I've literally seen every different type of doctor possible at first they thought it was mono or Lyme disease and both of them showed up negative then a doctor thought it might be babesia this is similar to Lyme disease but it attacks your muscles so then I took three months of azithromycin and I did not experience any changes now I'm currently been on a-bab and Artemisinin. These are two natural supplements the artemisinin gives me neck and back pain and stiffness that is very bad and sometimes causes headaches this entire time I have not been able to tell what antibiotics are natural supplements have been helping as it's like a rollercoaster I start to feel better but then I get worse and this keeps happening and has been happening for a year and a half and sometimes it causes depression.


Any help would be amazing thank you