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I feel like i've nailed my diet completely now but still getting the same acne and instead of being just around my mouth generally its spreading over my whole face. What do you all do to wash your face and keep it clean etc throughout the day, already have 1 new routine ill be trying from next week but interested what you all do.


This wont get rid of it all, but it reduces it ALOT:

Cut out ALL fatty foods, even if its cooked in olive oil, DONT EAT IT

You dont have to, i dont, but eat a fair amount of fruit and veg

Stay away from ALL pop, drink ONLY water, Cranberry juice, Blackberry and/or Cranberry juice, Orange juice,, milk.

Dont stay away from all sweets, because thats physicaly impossible for most people unless you have done for many years, limuet yourself, a healthy 2/3 bars WORTH of TOTAL sweet + fat intake is good, i tend to buy a chocolate bar or a packet of sweets, eat a bit and realise what im doing, and give it to my friends or chuck it in the bin!

Eat HIGH callory means, expeshaly pasta + beans + toast, if your concerned about weight, this isnt the best method, lean more towards fruit and veg option

At random times uses a skin cleaner (face cream, not pads or stuff)

All this reduced my spots almost completly, untill i finaly got my cravings for sweets and chocolete :-P Thats the worst part!

Ps Im 15 so i know ;-)