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Here are some tips i have on losing weight

1- Take sugary drinks out of your diet (dont drink those there bad for you0

2- Do not drink diet pop because it is just as bad for you as the normal ones

3-Get at least 60 min of exersise every day

4- Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

5-Make sure that you dont eat Lots of fat food I didnt say none at all but dont eat a whole bag of patato chips in one day

6- Cut off on the patato chips or fat food and eat a apple or orange or a piece of fruit or a vegetable or try the special K bars or shkes Really good trust me.

7-Take vitiamins

8-Try to stay away from being stressed out because when your body is stressed out you can gain weight from that because it is not healthy for your body to be stressed out.

9- Have fun while working out try and work out with other people because it is a proven fact that if you work out with other people you are more motivated its true trust me it is true other than that have a good day and remember Eat those Greens


thank you that really helped me