I am a young male in college, I used to drink like every other college student (before my attack) and had only drunk for one year. I have had an absolutely horrible fatty diet my whole life. 8 cinnamon rolls every morning type of thing.. Last month I had an acute attack of pancreatitis, nothing major. Lipase of 776 and fell back to normal within 2 days. They said it was alcohol induced considering I had no gallstones. However didn't happen until 2 days after I had went out and had a few drinks and then a day after I had a large pizza to myself and bam. Then it happened the next morning when I woke up. (I'm not over weight 6'5 205lbs). Anyway, I know they tell you not to drink ever again, etc. but I'm in college and that's super hard to take in. I'll probably get shunned on here and accused of being an alcoholic even though I'm not but I need to know anyway. I'd like to still be able to go out have a good buzz with my friends to parties and such. Besides all the other potential harms which I'm well aware of. Would different methods of i taking alcohol besides drinking it, such as vaporizing alcohol and inhaling it, or absorbing it into the bloodstream varies other ways, or eating it such as a Jell-O shot have affects on my pancreas? Honest and polite answers please.