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i was recently hospitalized after being awoken from sleep by spasms of my abdominal muscles that were so severe that I had trouble taking a breath (like an involuntary stomach crunch that would clench for minutes at a time). I had no stomach pain / sensitivity or nausea at all. Vitals and blood tests at the hospital were all in normal ranges, but my Lipase was the highest the ER doc had seen at 9400. An ultrasound showed no gallstones, cysts, or tumors. They hooked me up to an IV and 4 hours later lipase was down to 3200. 24 hours of fasting on an IV and Lipase was back down to 160. 


The doctors couldn't find any probable cause for the attack,  and were surprised by its severity, lack of pain, and rapid recovery time.   

I drink moderately (2 glasses a day), and had a glass of wine a few hours before the attack. I have no other history of pancreas issues and am generally athletic and healthy with the exception of hypertension that I've had since youth, likely resulting from duak MFTHR mutations. The hypertension is well controlled with valsartan and B vitamins. The attack occurred a day after I returned from a week long trip to Japan and the Philippines. 


Any ideas on what could have been the cause, or if this is possibly something other than pancreatitis?


One more piece of information: I had a bad ear infection at the time of the attack, but wasn't taking medication for it yet.