I've been on Zoloft about two or three months now, only 25mg. Before taking Zoloft I drank very rarely, once every 2 or 3 months, but knew how to control my intake. I would normally only consume 3 or 4 drinks in a night because I like to maintain a tipsy buzz without getting plastered. I hadn't drank since starting Zoloft, but I decided to a couple nights ago. I had only 3 mixed drinks, but I don't remember anything passed the 2nd drink! I apparently became very emotionally volitile, acting irrationally & saying things I would never normally say. I'm never an emotional drunk under normal circumstances, nor do I black out or suffer from memory loss so easily, especially on such a moderate amount of alcohol. However I was told I was walking & talking just fine, barely acting drunk. It's just my entire mood did a 180 in the blink of an eye. I said a lot of horrible things that I don't remember, & no one believes I don't remember them because I didn't appear to be falling down drunk or anything. All I know is I never intend to drink while taking Zoloft after that night! I mean I acted so irratic that I may have destroyed some relationships that are very dear to me, & the worst part is I don't recall anything & I have no way of making it right because everyone thinks I'm lying about not remembering!! I know everybody's different but I just want to know is this a common side effect of mixing alcohol & Zoloft??