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Do you think that Adderall can help control impulsiveness and criminal behavior such as shoplifting, or would psychotherapy also be needed?



medications such as Addreall do help with impulsiveness, but only in cases where impulsiveness is a part of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. Some people can have just the attention disorder with relatively normal impulse control, so what adderall like medications do is help them keep their focus. On the other hand, if the disorder is manifested more through hyperactivity and lack off impulse control and that person is involved in criminal behavior (which is really far-stretched assumption) then there is some chance that the prescription stimulants might add to the whole rehabilitation process. If the problem is only impulse control, then chances are ADD might not be approptiate diagnosis at all - and the medications would need to be completely different. In that case, psychotherapy definitely might be more suitable.