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Hi I am prescribed hydrocodone take a 1/2 of a 5-500 codone during the day and sometimes max 2 1/2 at night to feel tired/sleep and not have back pain i have a herniated disk.. only have been taking them for 13 days... some days i don't even take them at all because my back pain that day is low and manageable... if its bad then i take a half- to 1 during the day to make the back pain manageable/ not there at all... i go days without taking it because i don't feel as though i need it, sometimes just use advil... don't really feel i need it all of the time and don't take it unless i am in pain.. most i have taken in one day i think were 5 (maybe) but that was after physical activity that was necessary and i was in massive amounts of pain... Don't want to get addicted but don't want to be in pain either... don't take them to feel messed up or anything because its not my intention just to help me feel tired enough/pain free enough to get to bed at night.... any suggestions would be nice only got one script and don't think i will go back for a second even if i am in pain just because i am scared of addiction.... normally i can sleep with just advil but some nights are just too much.... Have done PT and everything else just wondering what u guys thought? have taken the stronger ones when i was in highschool like had 60 of them for when i had my impacted wisdom teeth out and didn't take them for years after... i just take them when i get prescribed or when i have pain issues like that... also thats the reason i have to take 2 1/2 to go to bed i think my tolerance went up? does it stay with you forever or go down after a few years of quitting? thinking about throwing them away also cause i don't really give a sh*t about taking them if they are going to cause withdrawals or get me addicted i'd rather just say f it and live with the pain and maynbe miss a few nights of sleep here and there





Stay strong...I wish you the best.