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So I have been addicted to hydrocodone 80-100 mg a day for the last 8 months.. I have been addicted on and off since I was 18 I am now 24. I have been clean for 15 days and I am still going through withdrawals?!? They are Not near as bad as the first week but my legs are still tired and restless all day and I have almost no energy can someone please tell me how much longer I will feel like this?? I constantly find myself thinking maybe I should just take one I get some energy back but with me even one hydrocodone is not a option because I know I will fall right back into that bottomless pit.. Please any help or motivation to keep me goin would be appreciated ):


Have you tried loperamide? (imodium). I used to read these forums and heard the suggestion, but it wouldn't work for me. Then, one forum suggested taking as many as 10. I was leery but tried it and lo and behold - ALL withdrawal symptoms disappeared. Don't even get the sweats. It's a miracle. I am a tough withdrawal case also. Made it a week so far with no withdrawals. I was taking about the same as you for over five years.


I'm the same as you. Even taking one hydro sends me right back to the start. 

Give it  a try to get you over the rough spots. Good luck!