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Help please!  My son has been on ritalin generic for 4 years.  Just switched to Concerta 54 mg once a day.  He isn't hyper or distractive, just can't stay focused.  I noticed when he 1st started taking meds he could finish his homework in 1/3rd of the time.  We are in thr process of having him properly tested.  Does anyone out there have a child with ADHD, non hyper that can certainly stay focused outside of a school?  We have never medicated him on weekends on summers.  He just gets bored at school.  Anything that can give me input would be greatly apreciated!


He may be the quiet ADD kid. 

I know I was. It took them 8years to figure out why I couldnt do my homework, study or stay on task. I was close to failing out of college until my doctor read over past highschool reports and told me she think I need to see a psychiatrist. I went to the psychiatrist, they made me check off a bunch of things that related to me. And I scored very high on the ADD spectrum.  The only thing was, I am not hyper. I am a day dreamer. 

It's best to get him properly tested, he very well may have it.

Don't let what happen to me happen to your son.

Good luck!