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My grand-daughters two big toes have their nails cracked. One is cracked from the top to the cuticle and the other is cracked clear across from side to side. The nail has separated from the skin on either side of the crack and there has been some bleeding around the crack and under the nail. She has not had any injury to the nail or toe. What has happened and what does she need to do?


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I reckon that she should see a podiatrist first to check what could have caused the cracking. There are a few possible reasons why toenails crack.

Toenails are determined by heredity but an environment also plays a big role. If your granddaughter wears closed shoes, sweats a lot and her feet are constantly in the moist environment, she is likely to develop nail cracking as well as fungal infection.

Skin problems and diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and bad nail polish could make the nails crack and turn yellow in color. She may also have an allergy to the nail polish or she may be coming in contact with other chemicals like oils, gasoline, resins?

More serious, systemic diseases could also contribute to the disorder and nails cracking. They include diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, etc

Considering that her nails are open, separated from the skin and bleeding, I reckon she should see a doctor/podiatrist. She could have contracted an infection that is causing the bleeding. Bacterial infections are very dangerous, so she should make an appointment soon.


My eleven year old daughter has the same issue!, but no bleeding as of yet. I have asked several doctors, none of them had an answer for me. I am very interested in why this is happening.