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Hello girls. Yesterday my boyfriend made a comment about different colors of the nail polish on my toes and nails. I have blue color on my toes and salmon pink on my nails. I usually match the color, but I guess I've been too lazy yesterday, lol. I do change my nails every 3-4 days, but sometimes I can't bother with my toes when they look fine. Fortunately, my boyfriend didn't see classy red on my nails and same blue on my toes few days ago. :D What do you think ladies? Is it a crime mismatching the nal polish colors on your toes and nails? What do you prefer?


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Noooo hun :)

Different colors on toes and fingernails are perfectly fine... Tell him to go fix his car or something :P 

Decades ago toenail and figersnail colors shouldn have been matching, but nowdays this isn't a must anymore ...  

The same is with purses and belts - fashion used to "demand" these two should match , but now it is perfeclty acceptable to have different belt and bag color/material... as long as they are complementary - they look good together... but they don't have to be the same color. The same goes for nails... And many other things ... 

At the moment I have pink toenails and deep blue color on nails. I change color on my fingernails often too because I hate when nail polish looks chipped, so I either apply a new coat or remove the old color and apply a new one ... 

So, no worries you are on the "safe side" wearing different nail polish colors ;) 

I guess you will just have to explain to him what might be acceptable to you isn't always acceptable to him or his mother ... But ...we are all different and there's the beauty ;) 




it depends if I am going someplace nice and want to look well put together ill match hands and feet. but if im just out having fun ill polish my hands a nice regular color such as red but on my toes a bright pastel