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1. The meds help A lot so take them every 4 hours no matter what for the first 5 days....even if you don't think you need it!!!
2. Have a drink/popcycle in your hand at ALL TIMES. It hurts to swallow at first, but the more you swallow the better you will feel!!! PROMISE. Just keep swallowing the drinks (find one that you can tolerate and stick with it) Gatorade is great because it has calories and electrolytes that you body needs since you aren't eating. You should be going through at least 1-2 glasses an will have to pee a lot- but your throat will THANK YOU !!! Popycycles and SHERBET are OK !!

NO MILK /Dairy Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Try chewing gum. It helps stretch the muscles like swallowing does, so you really don't have to think about swallowing, you are just doing it
4. DON'T be in such a big hurry to eat, (or feed your kid if your kid had it done)!!!! If you go 7 days, on gatorade and drinks like is OK
5. Want to eat?Want your kids to eat?? Take the noodles OUT of your Chicken noodle soup, eat it luke warm. Calories and NO PAIN. And since it is just a broth , you don't have to worry about food getting stuck in your throat where your tonsils were. And the food DOES get stuck
6. Did I mention DRINK A LOT of fluids!!!! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!
7. DO NOT TAKE Tylenol with your prescribed pain meds. There is already tylenol in Vicodin, Percocet, and Tylenol #3. You CAN OVERDOSE on Tylenol so don't ADD any Tylenol without asking/telling your Dr.
8. You are going to start feeling better , then you are going to feel horrible again, then you will start feeling better again....THIS IS NORMAL, and TO BE EXPECTED!!!
9. Get someone to stay with you for the first 3 days, you will need the help and moral support. Let them know in advance you are going to be miserable!!! Also Let them know that having a tonsillectomy for an MUCH MORE PAINFUL AND TRAUMATIC than it is for a child. So you may act like a baby...and that is OK !!!!!
10. -- Sleep with an ICE PACK on your throat/neck for the first 3 days P.S.......I had to sleep sitting up, or on my side (head turned to the side) the first 2 nights because my Uvula ( that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) was swollen was bigger than the size of my thumb! And it made it REALLY HARD for me to breathe sometimes, if I was laying flat or on my back...This is normal, just sit up and sleep on a bunch of pillows. To help the swelling go away faster . -- Sleep with an ICE PACK on your throat/neck for the first 3 days
11. I will post more as I finish this "adventure". Just Hang in there!!!! It does get better Again ha ha
12. Take 2 FULL weeks off from work..... you will think you aren't going to need it, but you may. And it's easier to start back to work early than it is to try and get more days off!!!!
13. You can do this!!! Don't feel embarrased to get on a post like this and stay in touch with other people going through the same thing. It helps pass the time!! AND ease your mind!!

Best of luck! You can do it! It does get better !!!!

KKernon Day 11


Another great positive post....THANK YOU! :-)


Hi there,



    Thanks so much for this post!

    24 and going in tomorrow for the surgery.

    Would be interested to see how you're feeling 1 year on.


Kasey :)