I have tons of adult tonsilectomy questions so please bear with me! :) Im 22 its the 4th day after my sergury, ive got some questions. Okay so the day of yea obviously i was in pain but i was more concerned with the swelling my tongue and uvula were dealing with! They are huge. Anyways, day of was okay, i made sure all thru the night id wake up every hour n drink half a water bottle to keep the sergical site moist. Ive only been able to eat baby food. I tried jello but its still a lil too solid for me. And popsicles, they are too syrupy they make my spit really thick and difficult to swallow. Ive gotten the hiccups everyday so far!!! Driving me crazy, anyways sorry im kind of a scatter brain. Im scheduled to go back to work on May 1st, 13days after my sergury. Im hoping this will be enough time. The first 3 days were okay but today i feel so sivk to my stomach and i really dont want to throw up!!! Okay so a few questions. What did you eat each day? Did u eat anything hot or warm, if you did by which day did u start eating these foods? I cant brush my teeth only the front cuz icant open my mouth that big any suggestions? When did your scabs fall off & how was that experience because im scared? And when did you feel back to normal? Oh also i ate some warm realy small cut up soup, and it got stuck any advice for that? Sorry about the book i wrote you guys lol. Just trying to find out as much as possible. Thanks for your replys in advance!!!!